It is important in life to stay motivated, no matter what adversities you must overcome. The purpose of this page is to post motivational materials I found which I myself like, for various reasons – some personal. The bottom line for most people is that you need to dig deep to discover what is your motivational factor that is going to multiply your efforts to become great.

I myself like certain speaking styles. I like charismatic speakers, and I also like the produced videos that have music, because music by itself can be a huge motivator. Find what motivates you and a regiment that works to keep you there. My wife, for instance, likes to do meditation. I myself lately have found Yoga to help me stay there. I hope this page helps anyone who needs a little inspiration because we all can achieve our dreams if we just put our mind to it. This I truly believe. Just follow Elon Musk, and you’ll know what I mean. (See Innovation.)