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Conceiving, Building & Nurturing New Products & Businesses For Over 30 Years

Albert Harlow is an experienced, innovative and proven New-Product Inventor, Project Manager, IT Systems Expert, Internet Marketing Specialist, WordPress Developer & Business-Driver and Leader, whose work is in helping make his clients' and partners' visions a reality while excelling his estate's own holdings in various works in progress.

Albert Harlow & Sons is a Wyoming corporation which serves as a holding company for the various projects Albert Harlow and Sons is involved and engaged in.

Are You a Bootstrapping Entrepreneur?

This website is designed to not only share with interested parties what we're up to - but to also help those like us who have had visions of things to create in the future but don't know how to get these ideas to where they are a reality. Creating new products and businesses, as Albert Harlow has done for over 30 years, takes a lot of guts and knowledge, sure, but it also takes a discipline of keeping motivated, focused and informed. We hope you'll enjoy our collection of information. Start here, by viewing video example innovations.

Bootstrapping is when you start a company from personal finances and then build it from the operating revenues of that new company.


Innovation starts with you but typically is met with many obstacles along the way, which is what makes innovation very difficult. Having a winning attitude and staying on course with your vision without compromise is epic. Continue to stay focused and encouraged by finding examples to live by, so you can emulate success. Learn a lot from how others have lived through similar journies.


You have established routines, systems and never, ever quit. You stopped hitting the snooze alarm long ago and stopped procrastinating. You leave the TV off and the routines you follow are ones you stick with. You get up daily with your mission in mind to make it happen! You know that nothing starts unless, and until, you act.


Visualize and repeat what it is you want to become, and then say it out-loud like it has already happened. A bootstrapping Entrepreneur who sets goals with time-limits is more likely to be successful. Remember that time is our most precious commodity. Striving for Gold and accomplishing what it is you set out to be is your priority.

Our Current Projects

Having developed hundreds of products and services over a span of 30 years, Albert Harlow continues to build products, organizations and help clients. Below are a few examples of current projects he is engaged in. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss your project, product or new idea.

WP Nearby Places

A new WordPress plugin for identifying and displaying places in the neighborhood. WP Nearby Places is positioned to catapult with it's Digital Neighborhood and ability to skyrocket SEO rankings through backlinking neighbors on autopilot. See

Click IT Secure

An affordable and practical I-T security solution, with a specially manufactured hardware firewall, that fully protects internal networks from online attacks like ransomware and other cybercriminal activities. See

Vacovec Ski Carrier

The days of dads and moms carrying the kids' gear is over." Albert Harlow believes that this simple product could be included on every ski, integrated with the binding. It has been called "The most innovative improvement to ski equipment since the ski-brake". Visit

DKIM/DMAC Email Authenticator

Business Email Compromise (BEC) phishing scams, which include wire fraud transfers, IRS W-2 scams and other forms of highly targeted impostors, is on the rise at astounding rates. Email is still the main conduit for threats we all face daily. See

Testimonials About Albert Harlow


Kevin Drye

"Al was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and innovative in his approach to teaching us."

"Al was a great host. I took away a lot of new marketing skills that I didn’t have before. Al was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and innovative in his approach to teaching us. I plan on implementing these new marketing tools to help my company drum up some new clients and candidates through advertising, linking strategies, and utilizing our referral bonus program more effectively. Thanks for empowering us by sharing your expertise!"

Phil Eide

John Mazur

"Al created a professional intuitive website designed to capture potential clients faster and gave us a more modern and effective marketing strategy."

Phil Eide

“I worked with Al H. at ClickIT to build our website and beyond! Al is client-centric and focuses on the success of his clients. Al's entrepreneurial bent adds a valuable focus to their services.”


Sandra Bontempo

"Al and his team were not only quick and efficient, they were exceedingly patient and helped me with items such as staging and c-panel- all of which I had no support on with my prior provider. I would highly recommend them -especially for small businesses that are in the scale-up stage. Dependability and Integrity are often claimed, but rarely shown."

Questions about Albert Harlow? Drop a line to learn more!

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