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Below is an outline of product and/or company launches Albert Harlow has been intimately engaged in and the results, from a purely objective viewpoint.

  1. PMSI - Professional Marketing Services Inc. - Today the largest advertising specialties company in New England.
  2. EZ Mail Corp. - Sold to Flambeau and added to their product line.
  3. Flambeau Products - Appointed Products Manager managing products for 8 divisions.
  4. ARTomation
  5. Advanced Robotic Technologies
  6. CareerShift - Founded this #1 career site for graduating student
  7. Inamics Corp. - Internet Dynamics
    1. List of Projects and businesses helped:
      1. HAR Adhessives
  8. Click IT Connect
  9. Click It Group
  10. Albert Harlow & Sons
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