Innovations That Inspire

Innovations are inspiring. Those who are really great at it are the ones to admire most and imitate. Example innovators to imitate include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Elon Musk. Elon Musk, for example, may be on the verge of becoming the most admired innovator in America. Below are videos showing inspirational innovations.

See our list of the top innovations to watch, along with links to information to learn from.

 Innovation Watch List:

Today's Innovation Video

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Here's a good one: The Impossible Burger won Engadget's Best Product of the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Go figure!

Groundbreaking Quantum Computing

The Impossible Burger Wins! Really?

Learn How to make the Impossible Burger

Batteries Are The Future

Uber Flying Taxi

Rocket: Blue Origin