Motivation is a Mindset

We are motivated by what we imagine, what's in our sub-conscience, or by what inspires us. If you can imagine it to be real, then it will become as you imagine. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Let your dreams manifest into reality.  This is the "secret", it's very clear. The universe is steered by intentions and action. Therefore, it is more than important to stay motivated and focused, it is essential to success. No matter what adversities one must overcome, motivation is critical. For most people, to stay motivated one needs to dig deep to discover what their motivational factors are. What is going to multiply your efforts to become great?

Music by itself can be a huge motivator. Using affirmations is a must in my opinion. Find what motivates you, what works for you, and then set a regiment up to keep your mind there in that focused zone. Some do this using meditation. Some use Yoga to help them stay focused. Everyone needs inspiration because we all can achieve our dreams if we just put our mind to it. Creating and maintaining for yourself a routine is the key to success. Find examples. Emulate one. For instance, Elon Musk is an inspiration to many, including Albert Harlow.

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