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Innovations Watch List

1 Batteries
2 Bitcoin
3 Blockchain
4 Crispr
5 Drones
6 Earthquake Prediction
7 Electric Cars & Trucks:
7a Tesla Automobiles
7b Tesla Semi Truck
7c Driverless Cars
8 Graphene
9 Interest Rates
10 James Webb Space Telescope
11 Off The Grid
12 People-Powered Internet (PPI)
13 Power:
13a Solar
13b Wind
13c Thermal
14 Private Equity
15 Robots
16 Rockets:
16a Blue Origin
16b SpaceX
17 Thorium
18 To The Stars Academy
19 Trains, Transportation & Flying Taxis:
19a Hyperloop
19b Uber Flying Taxi
20 Tunneling
21 Universal Basic Income
22 Vertical Farming
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