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Dear Nearby Neighbors of Click IT:

Below is a map showing places nearby Click IT according to Google, the most used online search engine, by far.

If you click a category in the list that relates to your business and you don't see it pop up on the map, you're losing customers. Why? CLICK HERE to learn why and to learn what Google My Business is and how you can fix this.

At Click IT, we have two offers to help: 1) a Do-It-Yourself Guide or 2) a fixed price for Click IT to do the work of getting your listing on Google. Click IT charges a very reasonable fee for this work. Contact Click IT and speak to one of our techs.

Or if you'd like to speak to me personally, feel free to contact me. - Al

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Note: The WordPress plugin used here is still under development. For more information about this plugin called WP Nearby Places, click here.

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RECENT NEWS: WP Nearby Places Basic is now available in the WordPress Plugin Marketplace.
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